Web-based management software for your ballroom or latin dance studio

e-Ballroom is the only dance studio software developed specifically for managing ballroom and latin dance studios. Originally developed for Mississippi Ballroom Dance Clubs, " e-Ballroom has various features to support both contract and pay-as-you-go business models. We offer custom programming for the features, reports, and more! Click here to order and begin your 15 day free trial!

If you would like to see e-Ballroom in action, check out the screen shot gallery or contact us for access to our online demo account.

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Features at a glance...

  • NEW! Allow clients to self-schedule private lessons through the my.e-Ballroom.com portal!
  • NEW! SMS/Text Message Private Lesson Reminders to All or Selected Clients on demand
  • NEW! SMS/Text a Custom Message to All or Selected Clients on demand
  • A portal, my.e-Ballroom.com, that ties into the studio's data to allow customers to view their schedule, and more!
  • Export email addresses (by client activity level groups) to Constant Contact, Outlook, GMail, and more!
  • Track the number of lessons and total hours each instructor has spent teaching; includes group classes and social dances!
  • Track free introductory private lessons
  • Support for touch-enabled desktops and select tablets (Mobile devices, full touch support, and iPad compatibility coming soon)
  • Improved color coding for contracts, packages, and pay-as-you-go lessons
  • Barcode-scanning customer check in, now for both private lessons and group classes
  • Separate login accounts for instructors
  • Unlimited number of concurrent users, customers, and instructors
  • Advanced client management
  • Private lesson scheduling and tracking
  • Group lesson and social dance tracking
  • Pay-as-you-go and contracted/package lesson business models supported
  • Taxable sales, shoe order, non-taxable sale features
  • Multiple lesson type contract/packages supported (i.e. combination of private and group lessons)
  • "Introductory Package" (contract/package-like) feature
  • Account credits for clients with (increase/decrease/redeem) audit trail
  • Multiple payment methods/accounting features
  • Advanced contact features for clients
  • Active/Inactive client lists
  • Daily (Summary or Itemized) and Monthly Sales Reports
  • Cancellation trends report and tracking
  • Variable Duration Private Lessons (30, 40, 45, 50, or 55 Minutes and 1, 1.5, or 2 Hours)
  • Instructor's receive a teaching schedule daily via email
  • Upcoming birthday report

Subscription to e-Ballroom.com

Access your studio's data securely from anywhere. Best option for studios with Windows and Mac computers and an internet connection.

Updates to e-Ballroom are available immediately. Pay monthly or yearly.

Supported browsers:

Internet Explorer supported on 9+. Firefox Version 17+.

Always stay up to date

With a subscription to e-Ballroom, you will always have the newest features as they become available.

Upcoming Features

  • "Franchise Director" module - View finances, attendance, statistics, and more, on-demand for one or more studios in a single location
  • Client Portal Enhancements - Clients can cancel and rebook lessons using their my.e-Ballroom.com portal account
  • Mobile phone enhancements

Monthly or Yearly Subscription (Single Studio)

Monthly: $25/month
Yearly: $200/year (rate of $17/month)

Our pricing is not based upon the number of students, customers, or instructors in your studio. (A subscription is separate from a license.)

Includes a 15 day free trial!

Franchises/Partners (Multiple Studios)

Please contact us for a quote for multiple studios.
Coming soon, we'll offer a "Franchise Director" module to view reports for one or more studio at once for only $5 more a month.

Custom Reports

Have your data presented your way! Simply pay a one-time fee of $18 per report.